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District of Columbia targets landlords who neglect properties

December 9, 2018
Legal Newsline

District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced two new actions Feb. 16 against a group of landlords for allegedly neglecting their properties and collecting rent from tenants living in unsafe and unsanitary apartments.

The defendants in the case-owners and managers of three properties in the district-are Sanford Capital, Oakmont Management Group LLC;,Aubrey Carter Nowell, 4951 G Street LLC, 315 Franklin LLC, and 1309 Alabama Avenue LLC.

According to Racine's office, these defendants misrepresented to tenants that they provided housing that was safe and habitable. Instead of providing safe living situations, however, the defendants allegedly engaged in patterns of neglect. Because of the neglect, tenants purportedly had to deal with all sorts of issues, from bed bugs and rodent infestations to lack of heat, lack of hot water, and more.

"Under district law, landlords have the duty to provide tenants with safe, secure and habitable housing. Landlords who fail to adhere to these legal obligations cannot dodge liability by simply selling their properties," Racine said in a statement. "This office will continue to enforce the law against landlords for illegal actions that have occurred under their watch."

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