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Work Visas (Temporary)

Most popular temporary work permit for those entering a "specialty occupation." Valid for an initial period of three years, renewable up to a 6 year maximum (under certain circumstances, the six-year limit may be extended until an H1B worker obtains his/her green card). The H1B allows changes of employer as well as simultaneous work for two (or more) employers, provided that each employer petitions for a separate H1B visa. To qualify for an H1B, a foreign national must have the following:

  • a US employer-sponsor;
  • at least a U.S. Bachelor's degree or its equivalent, or a combination of formal studies and substantial professional work experience (three years of progressive experience are considered the equivalent of one year of formal training at the university level);
  • offer for a job that requires at least the equivalent of a U.S. Bachelor's degree in a particular field.

Recognized occupational groups for this visa category might include: architecture; commercial arts; education; engineering; fashion models of outstanding merit; finance; marketing; computer/information technology; law; mathematics & sciences; medicine & health; editing; research; etc.

TN (Trade/NAFTA) Visas

Similar to the H1B visa and available only to Canadian and Mexican nationals under the NAFTA agreement. Applicants must be engaged at a professional level in one of the listed occupations. Valid for one year and renewable indefinitely.

I - Information Media Visas
This visa for representatives of information media is generally issued for one year and renewable indefinitely.

O Visa
The O visa is for foreign nationals who can exhibit "extraordinary ability" in the arts, sciences, education, business or athletics and those accompanying or assisting them.

R - Religious Worker
Professionals working in a religious capacity in a "bona fide" religious organization may qualify for this visa type. To qualify, one must demonstrate that s/he has worked in a religious capacity for at least for the two years immediately prior to application.

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